Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hotels in Glasgow City Centre

A lot of fine hotels have begun to emerge in the City Centre of Glasgow. For a long time it had been the trend for them to be built further and further away from the city itself and more toward ease of access to motorways. Ending up with the hotel stuck in the middle of a car park, surrounded by concrete.

But since the decision was made to renovate the city centre of Glasgow, it has brought a new spring to the step of the Glaswegians. Not only have major retailers moved into the city. But luxury, designer shops have also come to places such as the Italian Centre.

This has been replicated by a move away from the corporate vast hotels, dotted around the town, to cosier, more elegant places where you would like to spend some time, not just places of convenience.

The best place to go is the Merchant City, this is the centre of everything that is going on in Glasgow, hotel accommodation is state of the art, you are next to all the diversions that Glasgow has to offer.

Carlton George
Cathedral House
Merchant George
Premier Inn
Hotel du Vin

Are among the most noted hotels in Glasgow City Centre. Peruse and enjoy.
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