Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ramada Jarvis Heathrow Hotel

The Ramada Jarvis London Heathrow Hotel was opened on September 2008; the new build has been joined on to the old Ramada Heathrow that used to stand on the same site. The new hotel has been hugely upgraded compared to the old one and is now superbly decorated in a contemporary manor.

As the front of the building was listed, restrictions meant that the two coned towers at the front the building had to be kept, and they have done a great job keeping them looking new but natural. The inside of the building is now bright and airy due to a glass roof atrium that runs the length of the new build. A modern bar has also been added the hotel. 

All in all the new Ramada Jarvis London Heathrow has been a huge success with a record number of visitors being reported to be having short stays due the rising popularity of the hotel.


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