Monday, 28 June 2010

UK seaside towns on the up?

Interesting report just posted on the BBC News site, saying that the British seaside resort is undergoing a renewed era of commercial success. Read all about it here.

To be honest this news report comes as no surprise to us here at the blog. Having been a regular visitor to such places as Blackpool, Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Brighton, Lytham St Annes, and Ayr over the years, I'd have to say that for me the UK seaside resort has always been a cool option for a holiday. The diversity of these towns, their facilities and the warm welcome they offer has always been a dwar for tourists, so it's great to see that greater numbers of people are now discovering the joys of a UK seaside holiday. It might in part be down to people wanting to spend less money on the travel part of the holiday, or it might just be down to the fact that UK seaside towns are getting the appreciation they fully deserve.

One of my favourite seaside destinations is Brighton - easily accessible from Gatwick airport and by road from London, Brighton is of course a must-see destination for anyone who grew up watching Quadrophenia, even if you don't own a Vespa scooter! It's an easy-going, laid back kind of a town with something to offer any holidaymaker - Brighton has lots of shopping, piers that are not only fun to visit but also architectural classics, and it also has a growing music scene, in part due to its being a university town as well as a seaside one. The old image of seaside towns being sleepy and culturally overlooked is well and truly blown apart by Brighton. There's so much going on that its seaside status is just one of its benefits rather than being its main focus.

So check in at a hotel in Brighton and see what's happening there - you'll love the place!

Brighton a city by the sea

Monday, 21 June 2010

Edinburgh - City of dreams

Edinburgh's been well-served by the cinema industry over the years, with appearances in black and white films like the arthouse-y Bill Douglas trilogy , the popular Greyfriars Bobby - the True Story Of a Dog and newer stuff like A Woman In Winter and of course the all-time classic Trainspotting.

Another film depiction of Scotland's capital city arrived on the silver screen last week with the premier of Sylvain Chomet's new feature, "The Illusionist", a Jacques tati-scripted animation about a peripatetic prestidigitator and his Scottish travels.

By all accounts (I haven't seen it myself yet) The Illusionist is a jawdroppingly beautiful film. Chomet was apparently in love with Edinburgh's ever-changing sky, and decided to move the script's action from another European setting, to Edinburgh.

Judging by the film's reception so far, it's likely that it will further enhance Edinburgh's reputation for being one of the world's most attractive cities. I'll definitely be going along for a look anyway. Since I don't live in Edinburgh, it's good to visit it by watching films, although I will undoubtedly be getting an Edinburgh hotel room sorted out for the Festival Fringe, which is a yearly trip for me. The event sems to grow each year, from the slightly anarchic days of the 1980s to the well-oiled, slick machine it's now become.

Princes St, Edinburgh (facing west)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Things to do in Bradford

If you are spending time in Bradford/Leeds this summer, you would be surprised at how much this modern multicultural city has to offer to the visitor.

Bradford is best known as one of the cities at the cusp of the industrial revolution in England. But today it has developed into modern city which is based upon the finance and service sectors for it's economic development.

This does not mean however that Bradford's great industrial heritage has been completely consigned to the dustbin of history. Bradford's Industrial Museum allows the visitor to relive the glories of those days when Bradford was one of the cities which were the engine of the British Empire.

This is not the only cultural location in Bradford by any means, Bradford has many museums, but to see them all you would have to spend at least a week, but with so many hotels near Bradford to choose from, where would you start? I say go for something with a good restaurant.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hotels in Glasgow City Centre

A lot of fine hotels have begun to emerge in the City Centre of Glasgow. For a long time it had been the trend for them to be built further and further away from the city itself and more toward ease of access to motorways. Ending up with the hotel stuck in the middle of a car park, surrounded by concrete.

But since the decision was made to renovate the city centre of Glasgow, it has brought a new spring to the step of the Glaswegians. Not only have major retailers moved into the city. But luxury, designer shops have also come to places such as the Italian Centre.

This has been replicated by a move away from the corporate vast hotels, dotted around the town, to cosier, more elegant places where you would like to spend some time, not just places of convenience.

The best place to go is the Merchant City, this is the centre of everything that is going on in Glasgow, hotel accommodation is state of the art, you are next to all the diversions that Glasgow has to offer.

Carlton George
Cathedral House
Merchant George
Premier Inn
Hotel du Vin

Are among the most noted hotels in Glasgow City Centre. Peruse and enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hotels Lead UK out of Recession

Britain officially came out of a recession yesterday [26th Jan 2010], and it was about time too as I think you'll all agree.

However an interesting fact came out of all the numbers and jargon. According to the governments own body for calculating all that stuff the Office of National statistics [ONS], it was from the Hotel & Restaurant sector of the economy that most of the growth came.

Hotels have shown three consecutive quarters of growth in the UK, which means that they have been the leaders of the UK recovery.

This, of course, is good news for the entire industry, because if the hospitality trade can still manage to expand when many of us are feeling the pinch, then we could be set for great times ahead when the economy is again in full swings. Well done hoteliers, lets have a great 2010.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Cultural Activities in Brighton

There are lots of Cultural Activities to do in Brighton, I thought give you quick whizz round some of the better ones.

Brighton Museum

Hove Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton Toy & Model Museum

Old Police Cells

St Paul's Church

Of course if you're planning to spend some time going to see these cultural activities, you'll need somewhere to stay, and there are of course more than one hotel in Brighton, but for you to be close to these attractions, one of the beachfront hotels in Brighton would possibly be best.
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