Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Things to do in Bradford

If you are spending time in Bradford/Leeds this summer, you would be surprised at how much this modern multicultural city has to offer to the visitor.

Bradford is best known as one of the cities at the cusp of the industrial revolution in England. But today it has developed into modern city which is based upon the finance and service sectors for it's economic development.

This does not mean however that Bradford's great industrial heritage has been completely consigned to the dustbin of history. Bradford's Industrial Museum allows the visitor to relive the glories of those days when Bradford was one of the cities which were the engine of the British Empire.

This is not the only cultural location in Bradford by any means, Bradford has many museums, but to see them all you would have to spend at least a week, but with so many hotels near Bradford to choose from, where would you start? I say go for something with a good restaurant.


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